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How Homeopathy Can Help Anxiety

Each remedy is chosen to fit the person and his or her symptoms.
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Homeopathy can be helpful for treating symptoms of anxiety and other ailments that tend to cluster with it, including hormone imbalances, skin symptoms, allergies, and digestive symptoms. While certain treatments target anxiety specifically, they can miss the mark in treating the whole picture of anxiety which is both physical as well as mental-emotional.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic and energy-based medicine that is effective at treating not only a diverse range of symptoms, but also the whole person who is experiencing symptoms. For example, a homeopathic remedy recommended for one client's eczema symptoms may differ from a remedy suggested to someone else. Why? The word "eczema" is a label, while the quality of the actual symptoms experienced vary from person to person.

During an intake, the homeopathic practitioner asks detailed questions about the anxiety, what triggers it, what makes it feel better or worse, and how long it's been occurring. The intake itself is therapeutically beneficial for the client, because questions are asked in an open-ended manner. This style of intake allows the client to speak freely and direct his/her own description of the symptom(s) without being interrupted.

The homeopathic practitioner also asks about any related symptoms the person is experiencing alongside anxiety. Common symptoms that can piggy-back with anxiety include fatigue, skin conditions and sensitivities (such as acne, eczema, and rosacea), digestive issues, sleep problems, P.M.S. symptoms, worsening of menopause symptoms, irregular cycles, and a host of other chronic complaints. As the client realizes the connections between anxiety and these other symptoms, they gain more tools to help improve not only the anxiety, but also the whole body's health.

The homeopathic practitioner finds out more about the client by asking about their unique preferences, personality, pet peeves, food cravings, and anything else that describes the individual. Using the thorough intake, the provider picks a remedy that best fits with the overall health and symptom picture of the client. Each remedy is made from diluted amounts of natural plant or mineral substances, and it acts by sparking the body's own innate vitality and healing ability.

After a month, there is a follow-up visit to check in on symptoms. Because homeopathy is gentle, it can be taken alongside other integrative (both natural and conventional) treatments. As part of a complete treatment plan, homeopathy can be a valuable tool in helping relieve symptoms of anxiety, and other related symptoms, in a personalized way that treats the whole person.

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