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How homeland security mistakes encourage future terrorist attacks

Could this have been the fate of the christmas eve flight?
Could this have been the fate of the christmas eve flight?
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Despite the events of 9/11 only 8 years ago, once again the US government under the Obama Administration shows signs that it is not serious about averting another 9/ 11 style attack. The past laxities of the US government and homeland security evident on numerous occasions over the past 12 months of the Obama administration have revealed a continually weakening homeland security. The current administration is in denial and continues to try to blame the former administration which had a clean record of 8 years of safety for the American people post 9/11. The strategies of the current administration can only be seen as counter to the security needs of the American people. When the government plans on interrogating the CIA, and bans non-lethal effective methods of interrogation, it is doing exactly what Al Qaeda operatives would like them to do.
                                       When the government waters down the Patriot act which was instituted to protect the American people, and attempts to court- martials Navy Seals who were simply doing their job, it is sending a message to the terrorists that we are on your side. Recruitment for the Al Qaeda network will continue to increase merely by them knowing that they have a good chance at defeating us and our country due to the weakness of our current administration. In addition, our unwillingness to torture to obtain information and our prosecution of our law abiding citizens, soldiers, CIA and military for their actions in the war on terror will further erode our security and embolden our enemies. The current administration is clearly more concerned about being politically correct than protecting the innocent American citizen. In the past year under the Obama administration it is clear that the policies that they have enforced are counter to the needs and security of the American people. We have seen uninvited guests enter the Whitehouse and shake hands with the President which is a mockery of our current system of security, and trust me Al Qaeda operatives are watching. They see the weakness of the current American government and see this as opportunity. Regardless of whether the President should choose to torture enemy combatants for information or not, this should not be public information and broadcast to the rest of the world. It is incomprehensible that a Harvard graduate President could be this naïve about these global matters. In addition, the President's Muslim ancestry raises the question about whether or not he is capable of effectively cracking down on radical Islamic extremists who intend to destroy our country. His logic of trying high level Al Qaeda operatives in Manhattan's civilian court, giving Miranda rights to enemies on the battlefield, and releasing Guantanamo Bay enemy combatants tends to argue that he is incapable of fighting this enemy in a proper and effective manner. His behavior and demeanor have encouraged the numerous attempts and attacks on our country since he has been the President. Several of these attacks have been thwarted in New York and Michigan and unfortunately the terrorist attack and massacre at Fort Hood was not averted. Citizens must now remove their shoes to enter airport screening facilities, they cannot carry any beverages, and what will be next? Will we be required to travel in our bathing suits or shorts to prove that we are not carrying a bomb? Or, should we more intensively scrutinize those people who share similarity to those who are causing all of these attacks? What we are currently doing is obviously not working. When US Airlines can be sued successfully when detaining people for suspicious behavior as had occurred with the case of the flying Imams this sets a precedent for fear and temerity in enforcing proper security measures and encourages catering to politically correctness and putting the American citizen at risk.

            What needs to occur now are lawsuits filed against the government and airlines when they cave to political correctness and fail to act in a judicious manner to protect the American citizen. Through these lawsuits perhaps we will be able to sway public opinion towards enforcing laws to protect the American citizen as opposed to protecting the dubious rights of the radical Islamic extremist terrorists. Hopefully these lawsuits will allow the government to reconsider profiling these radical extremist groups in order to properly protect American citizens. Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to be concerned about. The one common thread in these attacks over the past two decades since and before 9/11 was that the attacks were all perpetrated by extremist radical Islamic groups who have a hatred for both Israel and America. This simple fact appears to be neglected by the government which is even afraid to declare that there is a war on terror or that there is a terror network out there that is trying to kill Americans. This amount of denial is pathetic and shows the weakness of our current presidential administration. The current administration has continued to declassify "classified information"; release suspected enemy combatants from Guantanamo Bay to their homeland were they have planned further attack on Americans; have failed to follow-up on intelligence information that revealed extremist Islamic views that led to the Fort Hood terrorist massacre; and have conveyed unprecedented citizen rights on the evil mastermind of 9/11, and other terrorists. We currently do not have a president that appears to be strong on Homeland defense, nor do we have a President that believes that there is a war on terror. Unless we stop attacking our CIA, FBI, police and soldiers who are trying to keep us safe and stop catering to the needs of our enemies, we will continue to have an onslaught of successful terrorist attacks. Unfortunately not all of the blame can be placed on the Obama administration since we are the people who elected him into political office. We knew in advance of his weak approach to terrorism and that he intended to close Guantanamo Bay within the first year in office. Although it would be nice to think that we are not at war with anyone, and that no one is at war with us, this simply is not the case. Being in denial and living in denial will never protect us against future terrorist attacks. The degree of denial is so unbelievable that Janet Napolitano head of homeland security initially denied that the Christmas Eve bombing attempt was a disastrous failing of our homeland airport security. She needs to be fired and replaced with someone who actually cares about American citizen traveler's safety. This extremist terrorist had been reported months ago by his father to the authorities,  should have been on the watch list, and he should have never been allowed to fly. The bomb that he had managed to get on board was capable of blasting a large hole in the side of the plane and creating total destruction of the plane and its passengers. It is only by accident that the bomb didn't properly deploy.
                        Is it possible that Americans would rally in support of increasing our homeland defenses if the plane was blown out of the sky? Would the government cease their attack on the CIA and navy seals? Or would the Obama administration continue to deny that an act of terror even occurred? America needs to wake up and smell the coffee.


  • mogwai 5 years ago

    i would gladly give up my life if it meant getting rid of your orweillian patriot act. i refuse to trade my freedoms for "security". this country is not worth spitting on because of traitors like you selling out to china to pay for your socialistic ideals. i hate you.

  • Reply to Mogwai 5 years ago

    It would be nice to be living in the paradise of unlimited freedom like you describe. Unfortunately, no such place exists. The majority of Americans value their life and would not trade it for the unlimited freedom that you describe. What does China and socialism have to do with any of what is discussed? I am against socialism and communism and believe in conservative values espoused by the constitution. The Federal government was created in part for our protection against foreign enemies. the government has the duty to protect American citizens.

  • mogwai 5 years ago

    you asked about selling out to china?? you didn't know obama came back with his tail wagging from his china visit seeings china owns more that 1 Trillion dollars worth of the worthless american debt?? I'd say that makes the country china's lap dog and this was all brought about by bush paying contracters to listen in on american citizens phone calls and digging through emails and this is a-ok with the goons who voted yes for the patriot act which just happens to be coming up for another vote in the next couple months while the yellow media push's their orweilian views saying, yeah, lets search common citizens homes without a court order because, hey the patriot act says we can and another thing, obama is also a traitor by signing his gay executive order saying interpol may be immune from federal laws but i say, interpol steps on my land and they are f-ing dead!! I will kill them!