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How In-Home Care Helps Seniors With Dementia

Care homes are often a consideration for senior citizens with dementia. However, in-home care could be one of the best options. There are many ways that the in-home care, whether by helpers or family, will help with this difficult time. Here are some ways.

A Sense of Familiarity

The sense of familiarity can really help some patients with their mental illness. It helps them cling onto some memories, and have a feeling of security. The sudden move to a care home can be confusing for those of good memory health, so it is worse for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

It also gives the family some sense of stability and familiarity. This can help towards supporting the patient. Photo albums and other sentimental valued items are around all the time.

Different Types of Care Available

There are different types of care available depending on how severe the dementia is. Those in the earlier stages who just need some support and therapy can gain that. They still have the independence to do their own shopping and caring for their home. There is also the possibility for family members to do most of the caring to start with.

Those with severe dementia can get more extensive care, which will cover the medical needs and around-the-clock care in their own home. This can help when there is an accident in the home, and offer extra support in the middle stages.

No Limitations on Visiting Hours

Care homes often have strict visiting hours. The family members are only called if there is an emergency outside of these hours. When a patient opts for in-home care, the family can call around at any time. If members are worried about anything, they can let themselves in and make sure everything is ok.

They can also call around as they would usually before the dementia. It can, again, offer a sense of familiarity for the patient. It can also make it a little easier for family members, who also need that familiarity.

In-home care for seniors with dementia is definitely worth considering. There are different levels of help available depending on needs. Whatever type of level is required, being in the home offers the familiarity for all involved, which can make this devastating time a little easier to deal with. It also puts family member’s at ease knowing their grandma, grandpa or parent is happy and comfortable.

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