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How government destroys things to ease their takeover: personal finance


  • Government 5 years ago

    If you think the problems we created are bad, wait until you see the solutions!

  • Profile picture of Dan Feidt
    Dan Feidt 5 years ago

    Well put - as a fellow MN resident, you might want to check this - - its only the second one i've posted on examiner, but if DNC2012 lands on this city, it's what's going down. Seems like the kind of thing you're keeping tabs on. Regards! -D

  • Tom Mathias 5 years ago

    You have made some good points, but you got one thing wrong. You said that the perpetrators of this problem "cared little about its effects on everyday citizens." I think they cared a lot about its effects on everyday citizens and that they took these steps intentionally. Part of the goal was to create bondage and reliance on government, with the eventuality of worldwide government.

  • Profile picture of Matt Rothchild
    Matt Rothchild 5 years ago

    Very well, I'll concede the point since I happen to believe that also. When I wrote this, I wanted it to be more from a standpoint that gives government the benefit of the doubt because, believe it or not, many people still give them the benefit of the doubt.

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