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How government destroys things to ease their takeover: health care

Even though a version of health care reform passed, it appears that its future still promises to be one of battle, discord, and other such pains. Opponents of the law that passed clamor to repeal the law and return to “free market health care” while supporters of the law insist that this reform is exactly the remedy Americans need.

Both sides are wrong.

What both sides have in common is a desire to keep the pre-Obamacare system largely intact and impose their own fundamentally superficial tinkering and changes to the system.

Aside from more requirements of coverage and a mandate to purchase insurance, the reformists have not really reformed anything. On the other side, repealers seek to abolish prohibitions on interstate health insurance purchases, an act that surely will permit health insurance companies to buy out one another, leaving us with a supersized version of what already existed, and reining in lawsuits, a move that may make things less expensive, but not address the problems in the health care system.

Both sides miss the point because they seek solutions from the principal culprit in this issue: government.

It was government that dreamed up the system of tax breaks to employers who subsidized employees’ medical expenses, thus artificially strengthening the health insurance industry and improperly introducing third parties into medical matters that were previously the territory of the doctor and the patient—nobody else.

It was government that, when the weaknesses of their concocted system became exposed, expanded that very system and their own power by introducing Medicare, Medicaid, and a host of other programs and system in a vain attempt to remedy the problems of the system they created, but only made them worse.

And it was government that made their artificially-created system further infeasible by piling on endless requirements, mandates, and the like…all of this BEFORE Obamacare became reality.

To think that reformists actually think this is real reform when in reality Obamacare is one more step in the direction we have been headed for decades! To think that repealers actually think that the pre-Obamacare system was somehow “free market” or that Obamacare was such an enormous change!


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