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How good is a MMMF foursome for a relationship?

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Wives are getting hotter, husbands are getting exciting and sex is no more a traditional act between two bodies. Modern couples can go to any extent to keep their relationship exciting and happening till the last breath. They are adventurous and full of all kinds of wildest fantasies that couples of previous generations may not even have thought about. If you seriously want to keep your married life exciting and feel the same rush whenever you see your partner, it is important to introduce new elements in your intimate life. By new elements we do not mean sex toys and porn videos. These elements have already become the topic of traditional intimacy. Modern intimacy is all about playing with real people and this is where concepts like a foursome MMMF is introduced. A foursome MMMF signifies four people comprising of three males and one female. For most men, this may not be an ideal way to see their wives lying around with two other strangers in one bed, but for many modern couples this is an ultimate fantasy they would love to explore over and over again. The play can be three men on the woman or bisexual activities thrown into the mix.

MMMF Foursome
MMMF Foursome

Sexual acts like threesome and foursome have been practiced by couples all over the world since the time we humans started exploring the sexual possibilities. Even ancient sex manuals like Kama Sutra have talked beyond traditional concept of intimacy. Today, people do not feel shy being straightforward about their sexual interests. In fact, couples who share their sexual fantasies and desires are likely to enjoy the benefits of a successful married life, than any other monogamous couples. Also, earlier threesomes and foursomes were more popular with men exploring their sexual fantasies with different women at the same time, but today even women are open about their intimate needs, which have made the foursome MMMF quite popular in the recent times. The phrase, “why should boys have all the fun” is getting more serious and personal.

Swinger couples are the ideal example of people getting into such acts. Given the fact that these couples are open, frank and respectful about each other’s need of exploring their sexual adventures, foursome MMMF is quite popular among swinging couples. Also, in a survey it has been found that men really enjoy watching their women having the fun of their lives with 3 men in action at the same time. While some partner’s like to be one of the men in the act, other might only prefer watching their women having the intercourse with completely three strangers.

Why It Is Healthy For Relationships?

A lot of people think that sharing their partners with others is not at a cool idea. It can increase the sexual tension and urge to get intimate with new partners even more than what monogamous feel. The truth is actually totally different. Monogamous couples have similar urge to wind up their sexual desires, the only difference is that swinger couples know about each other’s sexual activities and might even have the control over a certain level. This clearly means that the rate of divorces or separation in swinger couples is pathetically low than monogamous couples. There is no risk of cheating and both the partners can enjoy their life as they want even after being in a wedlock. Needless to say, there’s nothing better than being involved in your partner’s sexual fantasies, rather than seeing him/her taking it out without your knowledge.

If you are considering foursome MMMF, it can be a great gift to give to your wife or partner. This will supposedly be one of the wildest gifts ever given by a husband to his beloved life. Make sure your partner is ready to get into such an affair. Foursome can actually sound like a big step for most women, but with a bit of convincing, anyone will feel tempted to try out this ultimate sexual act. Swinger couples literally have the best of both worlds sexually and relationship wise. After all, taking interest in your partner’s sexual interests and being an integral part of it, is something that can help nourish your relationship from the core. Remember, if you are someone who feels jealous about his/her partner, then a foursome is not your piece of cake. Such kind of sexual acts can only be successfully practiced among people who share a healthy relationship with each other, without any destructive factors like jealousy, insecurity and sadness.

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