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How God Returns His Love

"Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled." Matt. 5:6

Jesus Bearing Our Sins by Crucifixion
The Power of God's Love

A man or woman that cares about their spiritual growth, often reflects on their day at the end of it. They discover that they usually give more to people around them than what they recieve. In this case, should this be their final perspective?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because they gave more than they recieved from others and no because they have given and recieved more of God's honor. What does God's honor give us? The focal point of this article- God's very own motivation, passion that hungers and thirsts for righteousness and His attention in prayer that gives confidence that you are heard.

For example, after His child speaks a kind word or demonstrates an act out of kindness to someone, the reciever becomes happier. The one that spoke the kind Word or demonstrated an act of kindness becomes happier, too. Amazingly, the giver has the possibility of becoming happy and satisfied on a higher, different level. Why is this? God sends His gentle, kind Word to them during prayer, that expresses his thankfulness and gratitude for the kind act. This makes it easier to be in continual obedience and to hunger and thirst for righteousness because of His "Thank you." being much more powerful than a compliment from a friend. His Word can produce an amazing passion to continue in faith because it is "alive and sharper than a two edged sword, piercing the bone marrow and the soul..."

The only two things God honors are faith and obedience and He "fills" us when we accomplish both. The confidence and love we recieve from Him, is all that's needed to accomplish His will and be in obedience. Talk about a win, win. Remember, as you do out of the kindness of your heart with God's purpose in mind, He will honor you by giving you more


His Word is alive and like no other. This Word He sends to us penetrates our heart, soothes our soul with peace and enlightens our passion to love and continue accomplishing His will. The Bible states the Truth when it says as we give we recieve. Even though we don't see it from the people we expect to see it from, we are recieving the due amount from Him.

We have to allow ourselves to recieve this Word from Him that motivates us, by coming to Him in prayer the day we accomplish it, with this expectation. This is how He communicates most passionately with us. This is all because He wants too, thank God.

Yes, God doesn't need us. But he is greatful when He watches His very own children accomplish the most important commandment - love, so He gives us an upperhand to be honored more highly by the only One that Matters - The Great I Am.

And we actually thought we weren't recieving as much as we should. This leaves the question - "Did I pray

and connect with Him yesterday?"

Listen to the video to the left, by Planetshakers, "Like a Fire" and ask for Him to help you thirst and hunger for righteousness.


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