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How Foursquare is reinventing the local 'hot spot'

Bringing new meaning to 'local haunts,' Foursquare users are privy to all the best secret spots.
Bringing new meaning to 'local haunts,' Foursquare users are privy to all the best secret spots.
Courtesy: ReadWriteWeb.

Chances are, if you're a social media buff, you already know about Foursquare. The GPS-inspired networking tool is creating a lot of buzz with the Twitter crowd. The frequent, and to some, incessant tweets and emails updating you on the whereabouts of your friends may actually serve a purpose greater than to inform you of their addictions to Starbucks. 

"Foursquare is a very cool application, and unlike other location-aware apps, it adds a competitive element to the interaction, as it rewards you for checking in whenever you arrive at a new location," says Frederic Lardinois of ReadWriteWeb.

This leaderboard style quality has avid users vying for the best and most creative ways to earn their fair share of recognitions. Many times, this success is found in some of the lesser known, local spots. But is this seeming pride of destination ownership really something to be proud of?

Many local businesses are saying yes with the old saying, "no press is bad press." With each user check-in, they receive free press through the application's "nearby" capabilities. 

“For a small business with a limited advertising budget, it’s a great way to promote ourselves,” said Olivia O’Neal, owner of Sugar Mama’s, in a recent New York Times article

So it seems one doesn't have to be in- with the proverbial in-crowd to know the hottest destinations in town. Merely, have the app for that.


  • Terry Hurlbut - Creationism Examiner 5 years ago

    Sounds interesting--let's see whether it catches on.

  • Cynthia Cox 5 years ago

    I am weary of new applications when they first get the buzz out to see if it sticks or not; however, it does amaze how fast things grow and catch on the Internet. Nice read. Thanks~

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