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How forgiving helps you & how to forgive

When we hold on to things like anger, resentment and hurt, we hurt ourselves. In this latest edition of Shine, we spoke with motivational speaker and author Phylis Clay-Sparks, founder of the Soul Esteem Center and author of Soul Esteem: The Power of Spiritual Confidence. We talk about:

Forgiveness interview with Sonja Shin and Phylis Clay-Sparks
Sonja Shin
  • why forgiveness is so important for our own happiness
  • what forgiveness is NOT
  • how to really forgive (not just say we did)

She shares a process for forgiving that she came up with after a very challenging experience in her own life – a process that has helped transform the lives many people, including this Examiner.

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(This article originally appeared on the blog Hello Beauty)

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