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How fear can keep you fat - part 2

taking the reigns to good health starts with a strong mind and a belief translated outwardly
taking the reigns to good health starts with a strong mind and a belief translated outwardly
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People have all sorts of reasons for failing themselves when it comes to weight issues. Taking on the challenge of renewing their minds mean separating themselves from others and influences that may be unhealthy. It may show that the extra weight was their shield and without it, they feel naked and afraid. It may show their decision to change could alienate them from the people who were in their corner as a fat person. However, some are just afraid they may just succeed, not knowing how to handle that success.

Fear will suck the life out of you if you don't face it. Fear will keep you bound and wound so tight, you will never want to make a move. With fear, you decide that your failure is predetermined, and without trying, you cease to give yourself the opportunity to succeed. However, nothing is more liberating than deciding to walk through that fear, whatever it may be for you and learn to believe that you can do whatever you aim to. But it must start within. Why? Because fear and faith cannot occupy the same space at the same time. It's either one or the other. As you take a stand, you will begin to see that as faith grows, fear diminishes. When you accomplish something on your own, you gain confidence and that belief is synonymous with faith. You feel great about yourself and the confidence you gain drives you forward.

It is not to say that all obesity is derived from fear. There are circumstances that may be wrapped in its own explanation, be it health related, etc. However, if you are willing to dig a little deeper to examine a few factors that may be keeping weight in your life, then take a look inside and see if there is an underlying issue of fear. If you see it, you can begin to identify it as such, then face it head on. When you do, you can turn it around. If it turns out that fear has been the biggest culprit keeping you from accomplishing your goals of fitness and good health, your acknowledgement of it will start the process of facing it and moving through it.