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Framing our Future - Fashion Edition

How fashion has framed the future
How fashion has framed the future
Terence Donovan, Patrick Lichfield, Norman Parkinson

They’ve brought honor and tribute to life and in some cases back to life from eras past, in the form of what we, as consumers, call Fashion Week.

Within the industry of fashion, what we know as clothing is justified to be something far superior - Because we live our lives wearing it.

We live our life wearing art.

For decades, these artists - better known as designers - have been collecting inspiration from all corners of the world.

Each season brings ever-changing stories of wonder and tradition which are projected into our daily lives through clothing that we support through purchase.

While doing so cultivates cash flow, it also brings to life more than just a swipe of our credit card.
It brings hope back to tradition and culture into our clothing. Which, from season to season, is what ignites fire into designers’ creations.

Through these tribal expressions has come a vicarious world of creations that we choose to display - While walking the mean streets of the world, of course

After all, the streets are our common ground and unpretentious runway to employ self-expression and allowance of sharing our story with those of the world’s best creators.

- The ones that design for you and I.

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