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How far will MSNBC go to support Obama?

Two MSNBC host's receive their breaking stories from White House
Two MSNBC host's receive their breaking stories from White House
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

MSNBC which has backed Obama unquestionably these last few years is in a quandary. With Obama’s approval disappearing faster than a Malaysian airliner they are showing the signs of “battered person syndrome” Signs like thinking that maybe the disapproval is their fault, the reluctance to place blame on Obama for our current problems, fears for their career if they report the truth, and the irrational belief that Obama really cares about their network.

This could be the only rational explanation for doubling down on awful reporting of what they believe is news. Case in point; look how often one of their prime time leaders Albert Sharpton goes on air to just repeat what Obama says. (Repeat) We know MSNBC is not above misleading headlines in support of Obama. See the headline “Employment grows solidly for third straight month”. (Headline) This would lead you to believe everything is rosy in Obamaville. Just a cursory look would reveal 8.2 million of those were part time employment and the report removed 2.6 million as they dropped out of the workforce.

Everyone knows the school girl crush the Chris Mathews has for Obama. Sometimes they accidentally report the truth like when Mara Schiavocampo in an effort to highlight Obama’s greatest achievement tried unsuccessfully to sign up for Obamacare. (Obamacare) When their host Lawrence O’Donnell claimed the sports team name “redskins” was invented in 1933 when the term was in use by both white and native Americans as early as colonial times per the Smithsonian institute.(Redskins)(Usage)

But how far will they go to defend Obama and all his failed policies? The truth of the matter is 7,400 miles. When the latest MSNBC darling of the liberal spinster class needed to do a story on the broad support Obama has, did Ronan Farrow go to Middle America to interview the typical citizen? How about to a minority neighborhood experiencing 12.1% unemployment rates? Possibly leave the studio and do a man on street in New York City? None of the above. MSNBC had to send Ronan to of all places birther headquarters Kenya, Africa. (Farrow looks for supporters)

As we have documented some in the media would go to any lengths to support “The One”. They constantly tell us how much smarter they are than us but seem to be befit of common sense. Currently the MSNBC motto is lean forward, it might as well be bend over backwards.