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How far is too far? Laws of long distance love....

There is a timeless song titled, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” that has been that has been performed by a half dozen artists over the years. How true does the theme of this song ring when it comes to relationships? Before becoming a boyfriend in Buffalo to a girl in Boston, here are some plotting points to consider.


How long have you known each other?
A major factor in determining the doability of a long distance love is the amount of time you knew each other before deciding to date. The advent of social networking sites creates an entirely new avenue for attraction and affection to form, but also increases the distance between daters. A relationship is much, much easier if you were best friends with her throughout school, and remained in close contact well beyond your ten year class reunion than if you have randomly met her through Facebook or Myspace.


How far is the distance?

The area between you and your girl also plays an important factor in the health of your romance. It’s much easier to see each other if you’re in Buffalo and she’s in Rochester, than if you met someone from Texas. Also keep in mind, the further away you get from home, the more culturally different the people of her area, making it more challenging to form connections.

Ability to travel?

If you have the financial and physical resources to cover travel expenses or a car to get to her, then by all means go a roadtrip romance. If you’ve been working 60-80 hour work weeks, or just took your car off the road for the purpose of saving money, you may want to reconsider dating someone so far away.


Likelihood of cheating?

The fidelity factor should be one of substantial pull when weighing the pros and cons of a long distance love. You may want to refrain from hitting the road for romance if you’re often finding yourself becoming friendly with women you meet at the gym, or the waitress at your favorite restaurant.



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