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How far is geographically undesirable from Los Angeles?

How do you judge geographically undesirable? Is Gardenia too far away from where you live? How about the LA's West Side? What you need to take into account is how far the regular drive is from your date. Its not the first date that matters; what happens if you hit it off? Is a 30 mile schlep on the freeways at rush hour really  worth it?  Is it possible that your soul mate lives live in southern Orange County while you live in downtown LA? Yes, it is.

The fabulous thing about Internet dating is that its the great leveler. If you are discussing your first date, and the guy makes grumbling noises about how it is to get to you, clearly, he is not your soul mate. However, you'll meet people you could not have possibly met if it weren't for Internet dating.

Lucky Strike at Hollywood and Highland is always a great place to meet for the first date. It's easy to get to, and you can have a great time bowling, even if you're not hitting it off . Have fun, and get out there.


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