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How exercise prevents signs of aging

older population yoga
older population yoga
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One thing sure if we continue to live we will get older. And with age comes deterioration of somethings. We may get wiser with age but our motor skills; coordinator, balance and flexibility continues to diminish. Our movements take longer to start, coordinator, balance becomes harder, and range of flexibility decreases.

To keep our motor skills in shape, its important to take care of your health. A well balanced diet and regular exercise will help your heart and blood circulation. Helping to prevent stokes, stiff muscles and joints.

Exercise can add extra years to your life. It’s never to late to improve you, even a little bit of exercise daily can help the quality of your life. Resistance training is important for muscle mass, bone density and strength. These are the first things to leave us with age. Training with weights places a high neurological demand on muscles, to help stability and balance stay strong. Doing yoga and stretching exercises can with flexibility and reduce stiffness. Exercise can help you keep your health and well-being if you maintain movement, it's the key to longevity of your motor skills and if you want to have a well functioning body later in life.