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How employee engagement affects customer satisfaction

We need excellence in engagement and customer service
We need excellence in engagement and customer service
Hugh Macleod

The two ideas rarely make it into casual conversation together- employee engagement and customer service.

In fact, it can almost seem like these topics are at two opposite ends of your business structure. How can the happiness of the employees directly affect the happiness of your customers?

Short and sweet?

Employee engagement affects every part of your company culture including how customers view their service and your products.

What confuses the matter is that many business leaders believe that employee engagement is the same thing as employee happiness or satisfaction.

In and of themselves, happiness and satisfaction are hopeful attitudes that you should wish to cultivate into each individual in your company.

However, employee engagement is simply an emotional commitment that how an individual feels towards the product they are selling or the company they are representing.

More so, employee engagement can weather all sorts of difficulties because the individual believes in and cares for the company.

Employees that are fully engaged will:

  • Consistently provide excellent customer service
  • Will entice customers to continue returning
  • Inevitably increase profits
  • Be easy to retain and train
  • Reflecting Upon Employee Engagement

If the idea of employee engagement is complete new to you, a good place to start is by assessing and reflecting the current climate of your company.

Surveys are a good option as long as they ask the right questions. Employees should be able to asses their own level of engagement and feel free to offer constructive criticism.

Take time to reflect. Yes, you might have one million items on your list but taking time to ask employees how they feel about their job, whether they feel challenged or proud of what they do, and what areas are open for improvement could render you with priceless information.

Spark Innovation

Making innovation a priority in your company inevitably leads to collaboration, better communication, and possible new ideas that will help streamline aspects of your company.

Remember, the better the product or service- the happier the customer. Allow your employees some room to try something new.

Invest in Learning

The business world can be filled with seasons of feast or famine. In the times of feast, it is important to find ways to further the education of your employees.

This can manifest itself in so many different ways. Bring in speakers. Pay for workshops or conferences.

The more educated your workforce is, the better they will work and the more excited they will be to come to your place of business and try something new.

Who wouldn’t support a company that finds time to extend their employee’s experience and knowledge?

Unfortunately, employee engagement cannot be boiled down into three simple categories.

However, there is no time like the present to start making employee engagement a company priority. You will love the results. Remember, a happy company almost always generates happy customers.

Remember, you can also try new methods to engage employees; like team building exercises for your office or collaborating in a social atmosphere outside of the office!

Does your company work to keep employees engaged?

What aspects of customer service could be improved and how could you change the culture of your company to reach those goals? We would love to hear from you.

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