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How Emotional Pains Builds Up Emotional Strength in Romance

Wronged. Abused. Fed lies. Mistreated. These words are nothing anyone wants to describe as feeling in any romantic relationship. When people feel abused and forgotten, they can end up coping in crazy ways. Some abuse alcohol. Some want to get stoned. Others feed their faces to eat away the emotional pain or people just end up having ridiculous amounts of sex with people they don’t know and names they don’t care to remember.

We all have special needs and ways we try to overcome pain, but there are ways to cope and get on the right foot when it comes to love and you don’t have to prolong your pain to get there.

One of the best ways to get over emotional pain is to accept that it happened. Feeling alive is taking account all that you feel and accepting that you cannot change the past but you can certainly take control of your present.

When you take life in its present state, you can learn how to not shred away your self-esteem every time someone or something gives you a blow of injustice. Yes, you have every right to be furious when someone has wasted your time or mislead you for his/her own selfish reasons but it doesn’t change the situation. Besides, karma comes in different shapes and sizes, so the best thing you can do is fall in love with yourself and let that bright light coming from you attract the right love.

You don’t have to be ashamed to feel. It’s what makes you human and most people you’ll interact with in life will have callous disregard for your feelings when romantically involved with you for the wrong reasons.

Don’t think of yourself as a hurt person. You’re a feel person. You’re honest with yourself about how you feel and that’s stronger than most people in the world.

When you frame yourself as being a particular kind of person, you become that person. Remember all life situations are temporary situations. You’ll become a powerful and uplifting individual when you learn to channel your pain appropriately.

Passive aggressive people, cowards and just down right shady people are all weak people and you should thank the universe you don’t have to put up with anymore mistreatment or waste your time on weak, confused souls. You are a star. Value yourself and the world won’t have the power to devalue you without your consent.

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