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How easy is it to "eat clean"?

Take time to add more of these little pretties to your plate!
Take time to add more of these little pretties to your plate!
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

You may have heard of the concept of "eating clean" but maybe you're not sure what that means. Many people don't know what that term means but let's clean up this concept and make it approachable and attainable for all to experience.

"Eating Clean: revamping eating habits to incorporate more of the best and healthiest food options from each food group and reducing or eliminating many of the less healthy foods such as processed foods, added sugars and preservatives. Eating clean will help shape your diet by embracing foods like vegetables fruits, whole grains and healthy proteins and fats."

How can I start eating clean?

Buzz phrases like "eating clean" are often created by people who want a trendy way of saying what has been said for year about "eating right". (^_^) Sometimes, trendy phrases aren't all bad. The "eating clean" concept is actually one of the clearest ways of simply explaining how to eat good food that's good for your body. Eating clean is not about being vegetarian or eating raw but incorporating food with no or the least amount of processing so that your body can be energized and absorb as much of the necessary nutrients to help it function properly. Is it difficult to start eating clean? Unless you have never eaten a fruit or vegetable, and unfortunately, there are people who haven't, beginning your journey to eating clean is to begin to add more of the fruits, vegetables and whole grains you already eat and find alternatives for some of the more processed foods, snacks and sugary drinks that fill up your daily eating routine.

You can plan your meals around the foods you already eat. Just tweek each meal by first adding fruit and/or vegetables. As you get use to your new additions, you can begin to minimize certain foods that don't provide as much of the nutrients you need.

Allow yourself time to develop the habit of eating clean. As the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day". It took years to develop bad eating habits and developing good eating habits won't happen over night. Give yourself an opportunity to grow in knowledge of food and what it is able to do for you.

Why eat clean?

Many people eat clean so that they can lose weight or replenish specific vitamins and minerals they are deficient. The human body has the capacity to be healed naturally through the fresh fruits and vegetables that are designed by nature to be processed by our bodies. Many of the chemicals in the processed foods are created in labs to give food certain flavors, colors and long shelf life. The human body may experience disease and other conditions that are unforeseen and ultimately, we have no control over but the things we can change, we should and we should be willing to love our bodies enough to care for them because once it's gone, it's gone.

As always, eating clean is a choice, as is eating unhealthy. Also consider how "clean" and "natural" are your fruits and vegetables and even meats. The recommendation I share is to eat organic because the chemicals and growth hormones used in these foods can sometimes interfere with natural hormones, thus causing health problems that may be difficult to overcome. Be wise in your choices but choose clean. It'll just make you feel better.

In addition to eating clean, get your exercise in on a regular basis. Exercising will only increase the benefits of a healthy diet. Your body will thank you.

Bon appetit!!!

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