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How ‘Dying Light’ can be played like a stealth game

Dying Light
Dying Light

While it is widely known that Dying Light will allow players to players to freely explore an open world setting that is heavily populated by the undead, many may not be aware that Techland’s first-person title features mechanics beyond free running and killing zombies. Providing more users more depth, the game will give players a number of skills which will improve their abilities while traversing the fictional city of Harran.

One such skill has been revealed to be “sense.” Techland Producer Tymon Smektala revealed in an exclusive interview with Examiner just exactly how players will utilize this interesting skill to be able to play through Dying Light using stealth mechanics rather than head-on fighting. “Sense” gives gamers a form combat awareness within the game to better spot enemies and useful objects.

Examiner: For a player's "sense," how can this be upgraded throughout the game? What sorts of benefits will people gain as they improve it? How does the world itself play differently as you improve your "sense"?

Smektala: Sense it’s just one of the skills that you will be able to obtain in game, but I really appreciate you’ve picked that one up because frankly speaking it’s one of my favorites. By improving it you will get a better awareness of where your enemies are, you will be able to sense valuable items in the environment or better see your way in dark areas. It really is helpful, and it strongly supports the “stealth” way of playing the game.

Many more in-game skills will likely be revealed before Dying Light launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 later this year.

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