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How dumb is the New Hampshire Democrat Party: Tweet of the day

How dumb is the NHDP?
How dumb is the NHDP?
Photo by Kimberly Morin taken from Twitter

Today the New Hampshire Democrat Party (NHDP) tweeted the following: ".@SenScottBrown heading to Vegas to rub elbows w/Wall St interests who fund his campaigns & whose bidding he has done." They attached an article from the Boston Globe. Of course, they clearly didn't bother reading the article because it also listed other participants, who happen to be Democrats: Valerie Jarrett - current Senior Adviser to Obama; David Plouffe - former campaign manager for Obama; James Carville - well known Democrat commentator among others. Apparently they don't bother with silly things like facts.

Of course, the New Hampshire Republican party took full advantage of this nonsense by correcting them via their own tweet: ".@NHDems attack event in @SenatorReid’s city attended by @BarackObama advisers @vj44 & @davidplouffe." In case you didn't know, @vj44 is Valerie Jarrett's Twitter handle. Republicans +1, Democrats 0. And the games are just beginning for this election season. If you aren't on Twitter, you may want to join just to watch the political folly between Democrats and Republicans.

It’s only April but the claws are out when it comes to the U.S. Senate election as well as the congressional district elections. As new candidates decide to run for local elections, there may very well be some more interesting tweets to be seen. If you don't have a Twitter handle, it may be worth it to create one; grab some popcorn and watch the hilarity ensue through November. If you’re a Democrat, you may want to remind your party leaders to read articles rather than just skimming headlines.