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How Dumb Can Tim Armstrong Be

How Dumb Can Tim Armstrong Be
How Dumb Can Tim Armstrong Be Images

How many apologies does a CEO get to make before he or she is sent out to pasture?

In the case of Tim Armstrong, it seems that two major gaffs (I am sure there are many more behind closed doors) should be enough.

Tim is such a fabulous example of looking at his job through a cloudy lens. His ability to fire someone on the spot in front of what eventually became millions of internet users is now legendary.

And how dumb to take on mothers and babies? The only thing he did not make a statement about is apple pie.

Tim, you need to read my book “Don’t Bring It to Work.” In it you would learn what happens when stress hits the hot button. That there is always a tendency to revert back to behavior patterns you learned in your original organization, the family. That is where you learned about fairness, favoritism, back-biting and betrayal along with authenticity, beliefs, and collaboration.

My guess is you were able to blurt out anything you wanted as a kid, no repercussions. My guess is you were a hard-nosed dude who wanted to win at all costs.

You also never learned that “TELLING THE TRUTH IS NOT SPILLING YOUR GUTS.”

Authenticity and being transparent are art forms of leadership only learned when you find out who you really are at a core level. Maybe this is your wake up call to join my next Total Leadership Connections™ program in March before…..

Someone tells you to put the microphone down. Hey… Tim put the microphone down…. Hey Tim… you’re fired… pack up and get out!

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