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How Dry Cleaning Works?

Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning
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Do you wonder what happens to your clothes once you give them to your dry cleaner? Read on to know how dry cleaning works.

While laundry washing and cleaning has been a common chore for households around the world, most of us prefer to give our delicate clothes for a dry clean. The process, which involves cleaning the clothes without water is an excellent way of maintaining special garments and reducing stains. But do you wonder what happens when you drop off your laundry at a dry cleaner in Las Vegas or any other part of the world?

Well, this is what happens-

Accidents and Evolutions

No, no literal ‘accidents’ happen when you drop off your laundry at a dry cleaner. But accidents here refers to the evolution of dry cleaning! The process was invented when a French dye-works owner noticed how a table cloth looked cleaner and shinier when his maid dropped kerosene filled lamp on it! So, each time you drop off your laundry, cleaners refer to the accident of washing without water to clean your garments. While earlier processes involved gasoline and kerosene, the current processes make use of synthetic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride and trichloroethylene. Even today, dry cleaners try to invent and evolve different techniques for making the process more affordable and environment friendly.

The overall process

If you thought that your dry cleaner in Las Vegas or Los Angeles simply takes your garments and rubs synthetic solvent on it, then you are absolutely wrong. The process of dry cleaning is meticulously elaborate, involving these steps-

  • Tagging and inspection of clothes to distinguish different sets of garments and knowing the fabric, understanding the particular care a garment may require.
  • Next, the cleaner checks the garment for stains and treats them on the spot for easier removal.
  • The clothes are added to the cleaning machine and mixed with solvent cleaner.
  • Once the clothes are cleaned, they are pressed, folded and packaged.

The use of special equipment

The reason why you need to give your clothes to dry cleaners in Las Vegas or any other part of the world is simple- You don’t have the equipment required for dry cleaning. The cleaning equipment isn’t like your usual washing machine. Instead, it comes with a perforated stainless steel basket, with pumps, filters, fans and control panel for proper cleaning. Clothes rotate in the perforated basket, while a pump and filter system constantly pumps clean solvent in the chamber. While a regular washing machine tumbles clothes in detergent and water, this process is gentler. Here, the clothes aren’t immersed in a liquid, rather they are dropped and pounded against the baffles in the cylinder.

Later, clothes are spun rapidly to expel any solvent. The drying cycle comes next, wherein warm air is circulated through the clothes. The air also helps in vaporizing any leftover solvent. Quality control of solvent, air and filter has to be ensured to maintain the freshness, softness and brightness of clothes.

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