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How Does Using Articles and Article Marketing Help My Business?

For more internet marketing information, contact Jim at 920-435-1995
For more internet marketing information, contact Jim at 920-435-1995
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Most businesses I consult with just can’t seem to grasp the value in writing articles. The concept of using articles and article marketing to build their business just doesn’t seem to worth the time and effort and, as a form of marketing, is completely foreign.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of writing articles and what article marketing can do for you business.

Article marketing benefit 1: Positioning Yourself as “The Expert”

By writing articles about various topics that are of interest to your potential customers, You position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your field or industry. People who are Searching for information about your business or subject see you not as someone who Is there to just sell them something. You’re sharing your knowledge and expertise to Help them with information they are looking for and branding yourself as the person Who “knows what they’re talking about”

Article marketing benefit 2: Your Helping People Make Better Choices and Buying Decisions

By assisting others with information they need to make better buying decisions in your articles, not only are you respected for your help and advice, you’re seen as someone who can be trusted and easy to do potential business with. If they decide they are going to make a purchase, you not only help them understand your products or services better, you position yourself as the person to go to for that purchase because of the help you provided in educating them better in making their decision.

Remember: You need to give in order to receive.

Article Marketing Benefit 3: You Generate More Long-Term Traffic to Your Website.

By including links back to your home page and other pages of your website in your articles and your ‘Bio box” at the end of each article, you generate backlinks to your website. By submitting your article to numerous article directories online, especially those that are considered valuable authority sites by the search engines, you can generate hundreds of backlinks to your website.

Your articles can also be used by people looking for content for their related blogs, forums, social media sites and their own websites, each of which adds an additional backlink to your site. Your generating wide exposure to targeted groups of people interested in your subject and with a well written article, will click on your link to get more information.

Article Marketing Benefit 4: You Benefit from Higher Search Engine Rankings For Your Website

A key component in search engine ranking are the number of quality backlinks you have coming into your site. A regular routine of providing high quality, valuable content articles as part of your article marketing strategy will continually boost your websites ranking in the search engines.

Regularly providing good quality, content rich articles as part of an article marketing campaign for your business builds trust, credibility, traffic and search engine ranking for your business.

Position yourself as the expert in your field, share your expertise by helping others with your articles and you’ll be richly rewarded.

For more information on how to use articles to build your business or for help with your article marketing campaigns, visit


  • Mike Griffith 5 years ago

    Great piece, Jim. Your article highlights the major points that motivated me to get into article marketing. And it's an excellent reminder to those who are "in the know" that a return to the basics is what we all need.
    Mike Griffith

  • Scott Hadden 4 years ago

    Just starting out, and this article has great advice for a newbie.

    I write for Green Bay as the Medical Marijuana Examiner, and am definitely in need of strategies like these.

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