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How does teacher pay stack up within the current system

How does teacher pay measure up within our current educational system
How does teacher pay measure up within our current educational system
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Can we ever really say that a teacher is paid what their contribution to society is worth? They are raising the next generation of the people that will enter the workforce and lead us into the future. Without teachers, we can not hope to have individuals that pursue careers that are necessary to our survival.

The need for teachers will never go away, but with the changes we are seeing in schools, the job for some is becoming less desirable.


Teacher’s salaries are an often discussed and debated topic in the United States. This topic of discussion can range from disgust in how little teachers are paid, to those that feel teachers have nothing to complain about.

While salary figures for teacher pay by state will vary, one thing is for sure, most teacher’s compensation is not enough for what they contribute to our world.

Yes, they are given benefits and access to affordable health insurance, but does this compensate them for what they are being asked to encounter each day?

Here is a full breakdown of what a teacher might make in the different states:


Teachers have always put in more hours than they have been paid for. It is something that is expected when taking on the job. However, teachers of the “new school” of today are being exposed to threats and dangers that were not heard of as they are now.

More children and teens are bringing weapons to school and lashing out in violence toward their teachers. With the amount of disrespect and insults that teachers are facing, their pay is becoming worth even less than it once was


Not only are they being subjected to a hostile classroom environment, but parent attitudes have changed as well. At one time, parents put the responsibility of learning on their children, but now they put that responsibility on teachers. Parents are adding to the discouragement that teachers are facing with their critical attitudes.

There is no doubt that teachers are facing more struggles and difficulties today than they ever have. It is not enough to show up and teach wide eyed students anymore. Instead, teachers need to come prepared to fight on the battle lines as soldiers for education. Certain types of teachers, like high school teachers, will probably never command the salary that they deserve; an increase in pay is definitely feasible.

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