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How does stress affect someone with a mental illness

Stress affects us at every age.
Stress affects us at every age.
Joey D. Little

Stress is a big trigger for most people who have a mental illness. It can cause you to feel like your symptoms have increased. Stress is the number one reason that people start to develop a mental illness in the first place. Whether it is stress, or trauma, over something that happened in our childhood that we still feel the pain of today, or something more recent. Stress can cause all sorts of mental health problems.

To those of us who already have a mental illness, stress can be a sign that things are going to become harder for a while. Stress about not having a job, enough money for food, a loss of a friend or family member, or something else vital to our recovery, can cause us to have more symptoms, even if we are keeping up with our medication.

Some ways to help during times of stress can be to have your doctor prescribe an anxiety medication that you could use only during times of stress, or to make sure you keep up with doing the things that keep you well can also help during these times of increased stress.

Being aware of yourself and the stress that surrounds your life is important in monitoring your wellness and keeping well. A good way to monitor your stress level, or to teach yourself to be more aware of it, is to keep a journal, or a calendar, and put in your stress level everyday. This will help you to be able to more closely monitor your stress level. After a few weeks, you may feel that you don't need to monitor it using the calendar anymore, now that you can see your day to day stress.