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How Does Spielberg Run DreamWorks SKG?

What kind of boss is he?

One proverbial question that could be asked regarding DreamWorks is, is the studio truly a democratic dream factory for artists, or does Steven Spielberg rule over the place with an iron fist? No doubt there are arguments for and against both, although DreamWorks is often touted as one of the most fun places to work in the industry. Such as how Apple and PIXAR are often stated to be, even though the late Steve Jobs was quite the tyrant in his youth. And certainly Spielberg was and is, most likely, no exception.

In all fairness, such a figure DOES need to be a tyrant when money is down or things are not getting done. Yet if said company is either breaking even or making a profit, things might definitely be a lot more easygoing. Although sometimes having a profitable company can also lead to micromanagement or ego trips, depending on the individual, of course.

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