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How does Michigan lose 17,000 jobs in less than 24 hours?

                 Okay, I am not as smart as a politician or most of you Internet geniuses out there, but I was reading about how the stimulus (our tax dollars) have created or retained jobs in Michigan. On Sunday during a Fox interview, Governor Granholm tells Chris Wallace that the stimulus has created/retained some 36,000 jobs ( Today’s Detroit Free Press runs a story from the state of Michigan (assuming that is Lansing where the governor resides) stating that some 19,500 jobs were saved/created during the latest stimulus spending( How do we lose nearly 17,000 jobs during a less than 24-hour weekend news cycle in Michigan?
                I wonder how the GOP and George Bush will get blamed for these job losses over night. Obviously Dick Cheney and George Bush have infiltrated Lansing and edited news releases to the general public regarding job creation here in Michigan.
                Wait, it was probably Rush Limbaugh’s fault since he has been critical of Granholm’s failed leadership here in Michigan. Rush probably hacked into the state of Michigan “jobs creation reporting mainframe” and changed the numbers just to make Granholm look bad. It sounds exactly like something Limbaugh and the GOP would do.
                No, I know who did it---the Teabaggers, that’s who. Well, they are nothing more than a bunch of crackpots, angry at the world, running around and changing employment numbers just to make a Democrat look bad here in Michigan. And to do it Sunday night with Columbus Day today for many of our hardworking government employees not being to work is the perfect ploy.
                I just wonder what would happen if I turned in two tax forms to Lansing. One may be what I really made this past year, and then reduce the amount I earned on the second tax form and just tell them “it was an honest mistake and misunderstanding.” My guess is I would be paying a hefty fine.
                And you want Lansing and Washington, D.C. to run our lives more? Do you think they can spend my hardearned money better than me? They can’t even get a news story with consistent numbers in a 24-hour span.
                I wonder how conservatives and “Dubya” will be ultimately responsible for this misreporting by the governor’s office? I am sure the liberals will have lots of excuses for this ridiculous misreporting of misspent stimulus money. Maybe Lansing needs to add a “Proofreading Department” at the state level to make sure all their false numbers and mismanaged funds at least occasionally match the amount of honest reporting I have to do with my small business.