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How does GOD view the Christian

©2014 O.C.Outlaw

While driving through Oil City today; the Erie Christianity Examiner spotted a church sign that read simply; "HOW DOES GOD VIEW THE CHRISTIAN?".
Here is one answer to said question.
GOD views the Christian in exactly the same way HE views the Muslim, the Hindu, the WICCAN, the Atheist, and the Satanist. GOD views the Christian in exactly the same way HE views Yashuah, Mohamed, Martin Luther, Gandhi, Napoleon, Jim Jones, and Adolf Hitler.
GOD views the Christian as HE views all humans; as HIS children whom HE loves; even when they are a little or even a whole lot out of line.
GOD is a Father; and like all Fathers or at least most Fathers; GOD views all HIS children in exactly the same way; with a Fathers love. HE does not love one more than the other, HE does not favor ones contribution more than the others, HE does not have a favorite, HE does not love them only when they obey. GOD would never entertain the notion of not loving his child for any reason; not even when they do wrong or disappoint HIM. There is a very good example right here in Venango county, Pa that could easily answer this question when GOD is viewed as a father. Not too long ago there was this boy from Oil City named Zachary who shot and killed his grandparents. This boy is going to be tried as an adult for his crime, and most in the community feel no compassion, mercy, nor forgiveness for him. They feel he deserves the harshest of sentences. But place yourself for one moment in the shoes of Zachary's Father. This youth shot and killed; in cold blood; his Fathers Father and Mother. Zachary's Father loved his Father and Mother and his own son took them away in a senseless act. Zachary's Father also loves Zachary; his own son. Do you for one moment believe that Zachary's father all of a sudden stopped loving his son because his son committed this horrific act of violence against this mans own Mother and Father? Do you for one short instant believe Zachary's Father can choose between his Father and Mother, Zachary? Could you? Say that Zachary's Father has other children who have never done anything close to what Zachary done; do you think Zachary's Father would love them more than he loves Zachary? Would you? Zachary's Father is in a unique situation that not one of us can even begin to comprehend or understand. But GOD does comprehend and HE does understand; because GOD loves all HIS children with all HIS love all the time no matter what. HE is unhappy, upset, disappointed, hurt, and sometimes angry when HIS children do bad things, but HE loves them the same as HE loves their siblings.

How does GOD view the Christian? With Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Understanding. HE views them with LOVE!

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