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How does a first time candidate spend election day?

On Tuesday, November 2, Dan Henke (R-Monroe) answered his cell phone on the third ring. It may have been the first time his cell phone did not go to voice mail in months. Why? Well in Henke's words, "I didn't really know what to do. It is really kind of all over, but the shouting, now."

So, just what did Henke do on Election Day. "Well, I asked Brett (Davis - R - Oregon) and he said to put my lawn furniture away, get the gas out of the lawn mower, all those busy work jobs," answered Henke, who is running to replace Davis in the State Assembly's 80th District after Davis relinquished the seat to run a failed campaign for the Republican Lt. Governor's nomination.

Henke noted that his wife helped him out, "Judy, handed me a list and said, here this should help you stay busy." According to Henke, it may have been a list she had been accumulating during the campaign.

Regardless of the outcome in today's election, Henke does not want anyone to get the wrong idea, "I'm not for hire on the honey-do list thing, though. This was a one day sorta thing."

Meanwhile in Monroe, voters were flocking to the polls by 6:30 PM, 3300 people had cast their ballots. In the last mid-term election, November 2006, a total of 3658 voted.