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How Do You Play the Disability Card?

Notice I didn't ask "if" you play. Admit it, if you have a disability, you've played the disability card to excuse bad behavior or get out of doing something.  Sometimes, in this town, we blame Metro Mobility (which is doing a pretty good job now, but whose past still makes for some good excuses.)

How do I play?  Usually it's me overbooking myself, when my introverted spirit takes hold and I just want to stay home and read or relax.  My excuse?  My arthritis is acting up and I just need to lie low for a few days.  If I really wanted to do something, I'd find the energy.

Thanks to motivational speaker Scott Chesney, who is in town and who will speak at this week's Age and Disability Odyssey in Rochester for bringing forward one of our dirty little secrets.

So, how DO you play?


  • D. Titus Blackwood 5 years ago

    This is tough but I do this so much it's become a joke and it all come down to peer pressure. I have a service dog & I also founded a nonprofit and train service dogs for other people. My pups are money hounds, and they will pick up cash before anyone has noticed it's fallen from their pocket or wallet. Of course they hand it to me. I kindly say to the person that dropped it, "We call this fundraising at my nonprofit," and hand them my card. 80% of the time the cash is donated. I don’t feel a lick of guilt and I’m polite even if the answer is no. The local organic bakery & deli is the worst (or best) for doling out the peer pressure. – they even keep a jar on the counter for us. And yes, I do write letters of donations for tax purposes. So not so dirty a secret, but I’m definitely playing my card. Otherwise I’ll say I love cutting TSA security lines at the airport and I’ve never turned down an offer of an upgrade to first class on a plane.

  • Susan Warner 5 years ago

    That's a great one! Maybe it's time for me to get a service dog so I can pick up spare cash.

  • Mary Fowler 5 years ago

    My husband uses a power wheelchair. Sometimes we don't have to wait in line. (We don't ask for that.) But, like anyone else we appreciate not waiting in line. :)

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