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How do you pay for your sewing projects?

The wall of fabric
Kelley Adinolfi

How do you help pay for your sewing projects?

In this household we do a few different things to fund our projects.

  1. Return cans and bottles for deposits and put the money into a jar - it adds up quickly.
  2. We also sell some of our projects on ebay or facebook.
  3. Then all the local craft shows to sell your projects that you create.
  4. We use points programs to earn rewards and turn those in for Visa giftcards to be used at JoAnn's, Michaels, or anyone one of your favorite craft stores. You can sign up here :
  5. Coupons are always a help to save on the projects to get more for your money.

We hope that you find the one program that helps you pay for your projects.

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