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How do you like your steak cooked?

Our new German steakhaus
Our new German steakhaus

Perhaps it is the promise of a summer weekend or maybe it is the smell of beef sizzling on a barbecue on the way home at night….. Whatever the reason, it is easy to wax poetic about steak. It all started months ago when the question was asked "What is your favorite food?" Responses were immediate and clear; "A good steak

How do you like your steak cooked?
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Even if your favorite food is bread, most people are known dream about a good cut of juicy red meat. Do you crave a side of beef, fatty, but grilled over charcoal? Or local, grass fed beef,, rubbed with a bit of seasoning, butterflied and grilled so that any fat on it is a golden crust of flavorful juices? Meatballs and hamburgers are mere band-aids.

In the Springfield area a number of great steak places have opened in the past couple years. Influences from Manhattan to Texas to Patagonia flavor their outstanding fare. Among the best are;

Recently an iconic establishment renown for schnitzel and bratwurst has added steak to it's repertoire. Anyone familiar with the talents of Joe Stevens will know the Hofbrahaus' evolution into a German steakhaus will be a brilliant new page in a very well written book. From tapas style appetizers that include Kobe beef to a porterhouse paired with a fine German beer, any meal is sure to turn into a celebration.

There are also a number of butchers;

Farm raised steaks can be found at;

Farmer's market at Forest Park for Chicoine Family Farm and Wild Mountain Farm
Austin Brothers Farm , Belchertown

If you are not sure what to do with the steak you brought home, here are some simple yet sensational recipes;