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How Do You Know When to Stop Home-schooling for the Summer?

The HomeScholar
The HomeScholar

It's June! Can you believe it's the end of the school year already? Or is it? How do you know when you're supposed to stop home-schooling and take a break for the summer?

It’s very common for home-schoolers to not quite be finished with their curriculum by the end of the year. Then they start to worry when they should stop. Do they keep going and finish? What if it takes studying hard all the way through the summer and into October?

Something to keep in mind is that teachers in private schools and public schools don’t worry if they only finish 80% of the curriculum over the course of the school year. If they finish 80% of the curriculum, it’s considered done. In fact, private and public school teachers decide in advance which 20% of the curriculum they’re not going to cover. Think back to your own school days and those chapters in the textbook that you never got to or skipped over throughout the year. If you have about 20% of the curriculum or so left to cover, you can decide that’s the 20% you’re not going to do this year, and you can simply call an end to your home-school year.

If you’re about 80% done, that’s ok. If there’s something you feel is important that your child continue on with, but you feel like YOU are done for the year, go ahead and have them finish on their own. Maybe you’ve worked hard on it together for 80% of the curriculum and you decide it’s ok to have a more relaxed approach to the last 20% of the curriculum.

It’s important for home-schoolers to take a regular break. For some, that means regular breaks throughout the year. For a lot of home-schoolers, that means during the summer. If you need a break, take a break; that’s my best advice. Enjoy your summer!