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How do you keep the "monkey mind" from affecting your body?

Monkey Chatter
Monkey Chatter

“Monkey mind” is a phrase the Buddhists use to refer to the chatter of the mind. This chatter affects our lives and our bodies. Can we stop this chatter? It can be quite a challenge to stop the chatter without the right tools. Imagine that you are building a new house. You wouldn’t start such a project with a toothbrush, would you? Of course not. You would find the appropriate tools for the task at hand. Old thoughts and beliefs are causing the cycle of the mind chatter that is keeping you perpetually struggling. Building new thoughts will cause this cycle to shift into higher gear, a gear for success.

You can overcome your challenges. You can free yourself by shedding the heavy weight of your mind chatter that causes your body to be unhealthy and you to be unhappy. Clearing your mind of old negative chatter allows your body to rid itself of old cravings for unhealthy foods. 

Awareness is the first key.  Be consciously aware of what you are saying and thinking about yourself. Without this awareness, you won’t be able to change a thing. If you want a more perfect “house,” you must start with the perfect foundation. Awareness is your foundation. When you become aware of your monkey mind then you can stop the chatter that is keeping you in an unhealthy state. 

Next, make a decision to focus your attention in a more effective way in order to create a healthy body, not just a wimpy decision but a decision that comes from your core being. Once you make the decision to change your life, you become more powerful, and you naturally move in a new direction. 

Third, change the words and thoughts in your vocabulary. Visualize yourself deleting from your mind negative words and expressions. When negative words pop into your mind, stop and insert new words that are positive and powerful. Shape your words as you wish to shape your body, with beauty and love.

The most important thing of all is to be gentle with yourself. Remember, it took many years to get this old programming set in place. It will take some time to deprogram and then reprogram the monkey in your mind. 


  • Tawni 5 years ago

    So true that our minds have endless rhetoric that is not conducive to our well being. The suggestion of visualizing yourself deleting these negative words and expressions is a great idea! Thanks Carol!
    Many Blessings,