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How do you get work-life balance

How do you get work-life balance
How do you get work-life balance

Blurred lines. These days of ultra modern technology, making you always available and easy to reach, it makes it even more difficult to unplug from work. Where do you draw the line between work and your life?

Work stress straining family relationships

Your work load is overwhelming for you and you are getting no free time just for yourself. Add the complications of finding time to spend with friends and family and you are going under water slowly but surely. Work is becoming a 24/7 thing.

Socialise with people you do not work with

If you don’t cut off the customer or work contact at the same time each night, work bleeds over into everything that was meant to be done outside of work. Clients and work expect you to be available if you keep answering. Set the time and stick to the boundary. Set the alarm on your phone and stop taking calls and email from that point on through your evening. Everyone needs time to recharge their own batteries; you don’t get a break if you don’t make the time. Put the phone or computer away so you are not tempted and the device does not interrupt family relationship time together.

Take lunch away from your desk

Even a bathroom break, without your smart phone can give you a few minutes of relaxation. Wash your face, adjust your hair, breath and then go back to your desk.

Exercise after work

Just twenty minutes of non-stop running or some kind of aerobics allows your mind to shift gears and your body time to make new-not stress-related-memories. Exercise doesn’t reduce your workload but it does psychologically unplug you.

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