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How do you end a relationship?

Relationships are easy to get into.

For some individuals meeting a man or a woman to date is not a problem. In some cases men could say that because the female to male ration is so high that they (men) have a better chance of connecting to more women. Not too many people would disagree with this statement.

After the connection and establishing a relationship with an individual everything seems to be okay. Some individuals continue dating and some even marry.

After a while and for whatever reason the realization kicks in that this relationship is a mistake and it needs to end. Here comes the hard part, how should I do it?

When it comes to ending a relationship most individuals are not really sure how to go about it. Some people go on for days, months, years and in some cases decades before they decide to let go. Why the hesitation, because they are not sure how to tell the other person involved, "I can't do this anymore and I want out of this relationship."

Since each individual is different the way they go about ending a relationship is going to be different too.

Some individuals will cheat their way out. Meaning they will get involved with someone while still in their current relationship, Once the person they are with finds out the they leave and the one who cheated is off the hook to end the relationship.

Some individuals will lie their way out. Meaning instead of being up front these individuals will tell every lie in the book to get away. At some point the other person involved will get tired of the lies and end the relationship. Again this takes the burden off of the one who wanted to end the relationship in the first place.

On the other hand believe it or not there are some individuals that feel like being true to self is the best approach. They realize deep down inside that the relationship is not working and they know the best thing to do is to let the relationship go. For some being honest is the best way to move on. What's worse, taking up some one's precious time in a unhappy relationship or allowing them, as well as you, the ability to move on.

Clearly there is no easy approach to ending a relationship. But, when an individual decides to be true to self this is usually a good start to the beginning to an end.

Have you ever broken off a relationship? If so, what was your approach and how did it end? Start a conversation with your friends by sharing the article on twitter or facebook. You night be surprised at their answers.

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