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How Do You Define Success??

      Dreams of being successful is what pushes many of us to go to school and get into careers that many of us do not even like. During the time I was in school I found myself chasing everyone else’s dreams but my own, I changed my major over five times because I was always looking for the next career that would make more money than the last career that I was pursuing had promised; it came a time that it seemed like the only thing I cared about was what career would help me support the kind of lifestyle that I wanted to live and in turn make me the most successful.
      Oddly, today I am not a college graduate and instead of trying to finish college I have decided to pursue my dreams of writing and though it may not seem like a huge success to anyone else, it has been every bit of what I consider success to be. I must admit, as of now, I do a little writing here and there and the money is little to nothing and though I have to maintain a part time job in order to survive I have never been more happy. I am in the midst of writing my third book and I can truly say that I am so happy with where life is taking me and though I do not have all the material things that I desire I have a greater sense of who I am and what my purpose is. I think many of us do not realize that it is ourselves that determine what success is through our own eyes and the moment we stop trying to live up to the expectations of what others consider to be success we will then realize that if we are happy doing what we love, it is only then are we truly successful.
      Earlier this week, I began reading this book titled Success one day at a time by: John C. Maxwell and the book was filled with quotes by authors famous and anonymous. Some of the quotes that inspired me the most about success were…

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A success is one who decided to succeed and worked.
A failure is one who decided to succeed and wished.
A decided failure is one who failed to decide and waited.

-William A. Ward

“Success is 99 percent failure”
-Soichiro Honda

Self trust is the first secret of success

Success is never final
-Winston Churchill

Success is not perfection, success is slightly above average
- Anonymous


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