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How Do You Add Nutrition to Your Tree this year?

Each year the holiday season bombards us with "empty" calories.

The results often poke that extra hole in your belt, lower your energy levels, and increase your risk for catching colds. Many people that have previously started making positive lifestyle changes to their health often feel overwhelmed with sustaining their healthy behaviors with family traditions. Being successful through the season can be tricky. However, if you put in a little effort, you can give the gift of health to yourself and others this year!                     

SPICE CAKE: Take one box of spice cake mix and one can of pumpkin. Add a small amount of water until smooth. Then, following directions on box for baking.


 Here is how you can stay healthier this season:

                                                               PLAN AHEAD

                                                     Use low-calorie recipes

                                              Send leftovers home with guests

                                  Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

                                 Don’t “save your appetite” for social gatherings

                         Say “No thank you” to drinks and food with empty calories

                Keep your normal routine throughout the day- don’t deprive yourself

     Decrease the alcohol beverages- these calories can add up! Try a sparkling water 

Keep moving most days- Walk after a meal, walk to shop, and walk to see holiday lights 

                          Have an appointment for an exercise routine everyday!

                Focus on socializing with family and friends at social gatherings

                                                      HAPPY HOLIDAYS!