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How do we Internet?


There are lots of ways to use the internet, but 93% of internet use starts with a search. It may not be surprising to you that Google is the preferred search engine for most of those internet searches, but it may be surprising to know that 73% of internet users determine the information they find is correct and true.

The most popular internet search so far in 2014 has been the Boston Marathon, searched for over one million times with 472 million search results. Mickey Rooney has also been searched over one million times, with 35 million search results. The blood moon has been searched for over five million times with over 172 million search results.

Even though the internet can be everything to everyone, many of us are using it the same way and looking for the same things. Check out this infographic for more stats about how we internet. Be sure to share it with your friends and discuss how they internet, as well.