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How Do We Determine What is Irrelevant and Outdated?

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Commentary from Exodus 23:6 – 19
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Mishpatim,” “Judgments.”
Today we continue reading the “rest of the commandments.”

In today’s reading GOD continues with justice.

We are not to pervert justice, keep away from anything false and not kill a person who has been acquitted or not proven guilty.

GOD states that ultimately HE will not let a guilty person escape punishment.

We are not to accept bribery, or oppress a foreigner, for we were once foreigner’s in Egypt.

Six years we may plant and gather in a field, but the seventh year we must leave the land to rest. This will provide for the needy as well as the wild animals.

We may “do whatever you must during the six week days, but you must stop on SATURDAY.” Even our beast of burden, our servants and the foreigner must be able to relax.

GOD continues with a warning to be very careful to keep everything HE has said to us.

We are not even to pronounce the name of another deity. WE must not let it be heard through our mouth.

We must offer sacrifice to GOD three times each year.

We must keep the Festivals of Matzahas, of the Reaping of First Fruits and the Harvest Festival.

Three times each year every male must appear before GOD, the Master of the Universe.

GOD also commands that we “not appear before ME empty handed.”

HE also commands we “Bring your First Fruits to the Temple of GOD your Lord.”

It’s always so interesting to read the actual ordinances, or judgements of GOD in HIS Word and their similarities to the very laws we have in our own countries today.

So many people today believe these “commandments” of GOD are irrelevant, that they were for a different time, or there’s no way we could ever keep all of “those laws.”

Yet here we read so very many laws of GOD that are on our very law books today.

So tell me how is it that we condemn the “laws” of the Bible yet adhere these same “laws” we believe are from man?

Bribery is illegal in our society. Yes, some get away with it, others do not, does that make it “irrelevant” or “out dated?” Does that make it, or excuse it as “impossible to follow?”

How is that any different than the Sabbath/Saturday? We have six days a week to do all that we wish, want or need, with only the Sabbath/Saturday as a day of rest, and a Day of Worship when we put down everything else and come before GOD to Worship HIM.

What is so difficult about this? How is this irrelevant today?

What is it that makes the Saturday Sabbath undesirable or un-observable from any other day?

Could it be the Sabbath’s day of rest is Not self serving, but Holy in service to the Divine GOD that makes it undesirable, or irrelevant, or un-observable?

These are questions we simply must ask ourselves?

When and where did we take on the notion, or the lie, that we cannot keep the ordinances of GOD?

When did we become so much better than the Word of GOD that we no longer care to keep in obedience to HIM and HIS Word?

What has taken us from GOD and HIS ordinances, commandments, whatever you want to call them, and given us this self serving idea that GOD’s Word isn’t relevant to us anymore?

Has GOD changed, or have we?

It has actually been preached in church that the laws of GOD had to be made by GOD for no man would have set the bar so high he could not reach it.

I challenge this belief, this false theology and false teaching. GOD said when HE gave us these “laws” that HE did so knowing we could follow them.

Since GOD created us in HIS image, wouldn’t it make sense that HE created “laws” simple enough for us to follow? After all, who would know us better than our Creator?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click HERE.

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