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How do they spell RINO in Oregon? W-E-H-B-Y

Republicans candidate for Senate in Oregon likes some parts of ObamaCare now
Republicans candidate for Senate in Oregon likes some parts of ObamaCare now

That is the last name of the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Oregon, a progressive pro-abortion Republicans, also a pediatric neurosurgeon, named Monica Wehby. No sooner did Dr. Wehby win the primary over two more conservative candidates, in part on a promise to vote to repeal ObamaCare as Senator, she has retreated from that position as the nominee and said she supports the provisions in ObamaCare that cover “pre-existing conditions” and allow adults to stay on their parent's insurance plans. In other words, the parts she thinks are popular, that provide freebies to millions, she want to support and keep in place.

This is what happens when voters nominate, in the primaries, progressive Republicans candidates that are often labeled by conservatives as “Republicans In Name Only,” or RINOs. But while they nominally Republican in party identification, let's called these liberal Republicans what they are, progressives. That's really what they are.

Why should be we be surprised when we send them to Washington D.C. that they vote more often with the progressive Democrats than they do with Republicans, because they really are progressives. More often than not, the voters see through the phony candidate and elect the real progressive, the Democrats. Incumbent Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley has nothing to worry about, he's leading by eight percent in the Real Clear Politics average of polls for the Oregon senate race, and he's likely to win it by more with the nomination of this weak candidate by the Republicans.

And did you know there's an element of weirdness in this race we haven't seen since Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii was exposed for allegedly doing sick things with sheep in college. Dr. Wehby has an alleged stalker issues involving an ex-boyfriend and apparently an ex-husband as well. When the liberal Republican leadership of the party criticizes TEA party backed candidates such as Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell, they need to think twice when before they give us candidates like Monica Wehby.

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