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Fantomas being hauled away to disappear
Fantomas being hauled away to disappear
Local paper photographer

Far from protecting animals, mapaq (Quebec animal control) is suing owners and shelters into submission. What was supposed to be guidelines became regulations and all what one gets from inspections are infractions, no guiding. All that because inspectors have no clue how to run a shelter or a kennel.

So they rush cats and dogs away from their caretakers or humans without even asking if they have a name which is so important for a dog and bring them into a garage they call emergency shelter with new people and rely mostly on vetenarians for guidance. These vets have no clue either how to take care of such an arrival of animals. They are clinic vets used to treat one animal at a time.

Being overwhelmed by 200 dogs must be quite a shock. So, the first thing they do is vaccinate without knowing if the animal just had a vaccine. We call that overvaccination then. That is not what can be called protecting animals.

Only HSI call that “taking them from horrific situations”. They have been using that description for years no matter what situation it is, that description and pics were imported from the US and are used full size here now.

One stray cat at our shelter was called Fantomas because when he was on the street, he would show up when it pleased him. But that cat was so proud to hear his name he would respond right away with a loud meow knowing we were asking how he was and what he wanted. He was an old black and white cat that came into the shelter not sterilized and with abcesses, result from cat fights.

He was so tired from wandering, fending for himself that after we put him in a cage at the shelter, he slept for weeks. But Fantomas was taken away from its warm shelter on a very cold morning last fall and put in that garage and we never heard from him again. That is what is saddening.

All that secrecy is one tactic used by AC to turn taxpayers into submission. Their volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement so we never know how the animals are treated. Do they have something to hide ? You bet they do. The few details that came out from there WERE horrific.

We have to find a way to stop that group from taking away good looking dogs under false pretenses and take the protecting into our control. Stray cats need our assistance but we are impaired by the notion that after we nurse them back to health they will be taken away by AC. Rescues are living in fear of losing their protégées.

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