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How do moon phases influence garden growth?

Cloud surround - caligraphy in the sky?
Cloud surround - caligraphy in the sky?
carol gibson

Many ordinary calendars list the moon phases as a carry over from olden farming days. The Amish practice planting using moon phases, and so do many farmers. As the moon is the closest celestial body, we know that it pulls the tides and affects human behavior.

About werewolves and the full moon

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, are perfect examples. Human susceptibility is dramatized by a transition from human to wolf man at the time that Luna grows full Many policemen agree that they get more calls for domestic violence, and other crimes when the full moon occurs. If the moon pulls the ocean tides, why wouldn’t it affect humans? The human body is seventy per cent water isn’t it?

How do moon phases factor into the realm of gardening? The moon phases are usually grouped in one week intervals. Subtle differences happen each day, but four phases are used as reference points. A seed planted in the ground exists in the darkness of the soil. Soft moon light only relays part of the sun’s rays. The imagery of the new moon is represented as a crescent.

During the first and last phases, the moon’s “horns" indicate either first quarter or last. The horns are located in the smallest part of the crescent. During the first quarter moon phase, the horns are pointed to the left from the earthling point of view. In the next phase, which is new moon, the horns aren’t visible. Instead, the flat side of the half moon faces left on its journey to the end of four phases. During the interim, the full moon develops. Garden activity at this phase isn't recommended.

New Moon – Insemination

Not unlike a human embryo, the seedling develops underground as if in a womb.

First quarter moon – Growth

The tiny seedling senses more moonlight and begins its life as a small sprout seeking to rise above the soil. Unfurling leaves now reach for sunlight.

Full Moon – Fruition

Planning for the harvest anticipates when ripening will appear in its full form having left the early growth stage. Over a period of three months, more or less, the produce reaches full color and size.

Last quarter Moon – Disintegration

The visual representation of this phase shows the moon’s horns pointing to the right. This is the best time for removing unwanted growth. Pruning to diminish growth is most effective now. Planting tubers during a fertile last quarter moon sign might include carrots or potatoes: flower bulbs.

During the complete cycle, a seedling senses a different gravitational pull and a variance in that very important moon light. Moon Sign gardening integrates the nature of each astrology sign as the moon makes her rotation through the quadrants. Barren signs and fertile signs are also noted for recommended gardening activities.

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