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How do I learn to be in a relationship?

It's 2014. We live in a society where people don’t know how to be in a relationship. In fact there’s a crisis happening of failed relationships.

How can I prevent relationship failures?
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People break up over the little things and believe the next “great’ thing will make all their problems vanish away. From non-married break-ups to divorce, people are just too comfortable with giving up when the going gets tough.

People have no clue how to be in relationships anymore. People don’t even know what healthy relationships look or feel like anymore.

If you do not know how to be in a relationship or what a real relationship looks/ feels like, here’s your Valentine’s Day Guide:

  1. Learn how to accept criticism from your partner gracefully. To be specific, accept constructive criticism, anything else is verbal abuse and verbal abuse is a no,no.
  2. Be okay admitting wrongs when you are wrong. If you’re mistreating your partner, you certainly don’t deserve to be on the pedestal you made for yourself.
  3. Have some discipline. Just because you meet someone attractive, it doesn’t mean you should cheat on your partner or better yet string your partner along until you can snag the next “best” thing. Have some respect for yourself and your partner.
  4. Stop being okay with treating people with little to no respect. Your significant other should never have to just deal with it because you lack the care to be the best you to your partner. Accepting all of you should never come in the form of bread crumbs to your partner.

If you’re overly selfish, impatient and insecure…you’re not ready for a relationship. You’re not ready for a Valentine. And after reading this article, you now know why you’ve had failed relationships.

Being horrible at relationships is not a get out of jail for free pass for being cruel to someone that loves you.

Yes, we all have flaws but all the flaws in the world should never make you feel justified about offering your significant other your worst while you pretend to the world that you’re best thing that’s ever hit the planet. Are you serious?

If you’re in a toxic relationship with someone that’s always showing you his or her worst, run because giving your best will never compensate for that shortfall of the relationship.

No it’s not okay to be overly selfish. No it’s not okay to have no self control. And it’s certainly not okay to be impatient. It’s unacceptable.

If you love someone, show him or her you love your relationship. You can start showing this just in time for Valentine’s Day by changing your behavior and attitude for the better. Don’t tell your partner to just deal with it or leave.

That’s emotional abuse. Earn your keep in the relationship because you’re just not that charming.

Love is challenging, painful at times but still the best thing you’ll ever experience in life when it’s a healthy relationship.

Don’t do your best to hurt and offend your partner because you don’t know how to be in a relationship. Get some help. Speak your mind and have the courage to do better for your partner and the relationship.

I never enter a romantic situation with the idea that my partner should fix everything troubling with my life and neither should you. Real love is about challenging each other to be better people. You want to make your love better not worse.

Stop with the entitlement. If you never try to do better for love, you’ll never grow into the man or woman you’re destined to be.

If you want a better life, better love…get to work and earn it. Read up on the Valentine's Day Guide by on the daily. This Valentine's Day Guide will help you stop making the same failed relationship mistakes year after year. It's time to get it right in 2014.

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