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How Do I Know How Hard To Go In The Gym?

This is a question that never really gets answered correctly; the reason being is that answer is different for everyone. Not every person is going to train the same as another, and for this reason the only one who can judge whether or not they’re going to hard or not enough is you.

How Hard Should I Go?
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How so?

There are some people whose workouts are less grueling than others warm up routines. Not everyone trains the same, so what you do may be less or more effective than what I do. You also have to look at body types, age, weight, and stamina factors. So simply put you have to be the judge of your own workout.

The thing to do is to follow the signs that your body gives you, for instance if you feel really sore than you probably shouldn’t work out that day. If you feel any pain or discomfort in a certain area of your body, that’s your body telling you to slow down and let it recover before you tackle on to your next workout.

Simply put, you have to listen to your body when working out, if you feel like you can work out then by all means workout, but if you don’t, listen to your body and make that call. The best thing to do is to educate yourself on proper techniques, forms, and workout routines.

Then follow a plan and build on it when you feel like you can. At the end of the day just remember to listen to your body and the subtle signs it gives you and if you do so, with some patience and hard work you will achieve the results you so much desire!

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