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How do astrology birth charts reveal an individual’s personality?

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The writings, hieroglyphs, and symbols that are speckled throughout a birth chart all have meaning. When a planetary transit matches up with any part of an individual's horoscope, it's going to have meaning that's pertinent to that area. Life changes temporarily as planets of the solar system connect directly to the birth or natal chart. The larger the planet, the longer a transit stays in effect. Smaller transits are seen in daily news astrology forecasts which generalize information pertaining to a person’s sign. These are mostly considering the actions of fast moving Mars.

The Planets and the areas they affect in a person’s life

A quick rundown about the general qualities of the planets: (some are not really planets, but have equal importance in the effects)

Sun - soul
Moon - emotions, intuition
Venus - love nature
Mars - motivation; love nature of male expression
Mercury - communication, intelligence
Jupiter - growth and expansion (prosperity)
Saturn - stability through knowledge
Uranus - quixotic changes, genius, electricity
Neptune - spirituality
Pluto - subconscious

Don't forget about the rising sign, which is another good reason to have an astrology chart based on your birth time and location. The ascendant or rising sign is like a veil. It deals in the outward motivations, and is the way people see you in the world.

It is somewhat separate from the inner you, your emotions, or subjective feelings. When you want to share yourself with others, it can be a conscious decision to let someone see past the veil into your world.

The Houses. The houses are marked on the astrology chart. They look like wedges reminiscent of pieces of pie. As the universe is constantly changing, different angles of planets in motion have specific effects on the various areas of life.

An example of using the house system

When a transit involves the planet Mars for example, and it matches the placement of Mars in your chart; it tells which area of life is affected. In the birth chart, let's say Mars is in Aries in the fourth house for example.

The fourth house, for instance, represents home and family: when transiting planet, Mars hooks up it to this house it may activate a home remodeling. Why? The potential in the birth chart is activated with Aries action because transiting Mars lines up angularly to the birth chart (permanent) placement. Mars in Aries, the planet of action, activates the fourth house representing the home.

Angular relationships or aspects: The unique individual begins to emerge through the planetary relationships within the birth astrology. Trines are considered easy; square and opposition aspects are considered areas of difficulty. The opposite of Leo is Aquarius. When there’s planetary activity in Aquarius, Leos might find roadblocks detouring a person’s intention.

The angles are important in the native's birth chart placements, or the astrology of transiting planetary connections.*

The decans (10 degrees each) designate if a person is born in the earlier or later part of a sign. Three decans are in each house division giving an analysis a more specific time span for temporary transits.

The Triplicities and Quadruplicities indicate elements known as rulers of each sign. These categories are: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, or Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable. Each element represents three signs and defines a similarity between for example Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries, which are ‘fire’ signs. Fire indicates high energy and impulsiveness. Pisces correlates with Cancer and Scorpio because of association of watery characteristics such as sensitivity or ability to flow or flex. Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have a special relationship to each other and such is the case with Earth signs. The angles can be drawn across the astrology chart wheel into infinity.

In the end, the pattern formed between all of these areas resembles a snowflake. An in depth analysis illustrates a unique and special individual. Self understanding is a valuable life tool.



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