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How did Jenise Wright die?

The body of Jenise Wright has been found
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

Police officials held a press conference on Thursday afternoon (Aug. 7) and confirmed that the body of Jenise Wright has been located (pending positive official identification). An autopsy can take several hours, so until all of this is complete (by sometime tomorrow) the official cause of death in her case will not be revealed. What is known for certain this case is that it is now a criminal investigation. The presser didn't reveal many details, such as the condition of the child's body or how the child appeared to be killed, but it's certain that she did meet some kind of foul play, and a suspect is being sought.

The body was found just adjacent to the mobile home park where the girl vanished, in a wooded area overgrown with thorny brambles and other plant life. One of the officers at the press conference noted that the little girl "didn't walk into the woods and put herself into the bushes." This indicates that the child was discarded in the bushes so as to conceal her death, but who would do such a thing -- and how was she killed?

This child was missing for four days before her body was located in the bushes near her home. Over the course of this disappearance, the public has been highly critical of the girl's parents, who allowed her to wander freely without adult supervision. They also waited 24 hours to even report the child missing. This has a lot of people wondering just how long the girl was really missing in the first place, if she even was at all. Officials have shared that the parents are cooperative, and said that they exhibited an expected response when they were told of the discovery of Jenise's body. Of course, many people are still scratching their heads about what that could mean. Are the parents secretly suspects or did someone within the park kidnap and kill this little girl? To stay up-to-date on the evolving timeline in this child's case, please click here.

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