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How did baby Omoyele die?

Kayelisa Martin with Baby O.
Daily Mail via Martin's public Facebook profile

A mother and her baby are dead in a bizarre case that is surrounded by more questions than answers. This Wednesday report (8/13) shares that Kayelisa Martin committed suicide after her young child died mysteriously. Baby Omoyele Gonzalez, 14-months, passed away in their home earlier the same day, but no cause of death or previous signs of abuse could be found by a coroner. This indicates that the cause of death will be revealed by a toxicology report -- and the results are pending.

It was reportedly quite the traumatic day for this woman's loved ones. She was threatening suicide, and a family member had to flee to a nearby fire station to report that the child was dead under suspicious circumstances. Clearly under a great amount of distress, Kaylelisa threw herself into an oncoming semi truck -- which killed her. Some media reports are sharing what could be a history of child neglect with the mother -- such as a recent car accident she got into with the child where she was cited for failing to reasonably control her vehicle. If a toxicology report reveals that the child had something in his system that killed him, this could be the result of negligence -- which may inspired the young mother to commit suicide. There are tons of questions being asked about Kaeylisa and Baby O -- such as whether or not she was pregnant when she killed herself (judging from a photo of an ultrasound in front of the child) and whether or not drugs may have been left lying around the home where he died. The facts of the matter are simple: We just don't know all the details.

Hopefully the toxicology reports come out soon, but until then it's easy to speculate on some of the various ways this child could have died. Even though no signs of trauma or past abuse were found on Baby O, it's also important to note that a baby can die of suffocation without there being any signs of the attack left by the killer. There are numerous cases in history that involve these "mysterious deaths" -- including the notorious case of the "SIDS mom" Waneta Hoyt -- who was actually a serial killer of her own offspring. The child could have also gotten into some kind of poisonous substance that was around the house -- not including illegal drugs. It had been mentioned in one article about the car accident that Kayelisa and her son got into recently. Is it possible that Kayelisa had painkillers resulting from the wreck, and the child somehow got into them? That's just a thought, but again, anything is probably in a case that is as mysterious as this one.

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