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How Did Apple Become The Most Admirable Brand Under Steve Job’s Leadership?

Steve Jobs and Apple
Steve Jobs and Apple
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Steve Jobs was one of the most meticulous people to ever step into Apple headquarters, and that is saying something. There are a ton of random stories you hear when walking through the halls. How Steve Jobs cared so much about the new laptops Apple was making, he knew the exact amount of screws being used in each laptop.

Or the time Steve Jobs once took 6 months to approve the way the mouse scrolled in the new OS X software he was about to release. During his first tenure with Apple, he wanted the entire motherboard in those big bulky computers redone, simply because it looked ugly.

To Steve Jobs, the only way to win over consumers for life, was to make sure every piece of software and equipment was perfect. Even the pieces or parts that could not been seen, or applications and programs that 95% of the world did not know existed. Everything was held to a certain standard, and that standard was perfection.

Steve Jobs and Apple: Run #2
When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he came back a slightly more lenient man. Not more lenient on the products, that always demanded the utmost quality, but in his vision for Apple products. In his earlier years, Jobs required that if you wanted a Mac, every part of the process had to be run by Mac parts.

The desktop screen was a Mac, so the processing tower had to be a Mac. The plugs and cords all had to be Mac related. This made Mac prices significantly higher than the PC counterparts, which lead to most consumers purchasing PC's.

Back for a second run with Apple as the lead man, Jobs relented in this aspect. With this little change in his decision making, he allowed Apple to become a juggernaut in the electronics industry. However, history could easily be singing a different tune here.

Imagine if Jobs only allowed ipods to play music in his favorite digital format, A.A.C. Would that have spelled a disaster for him and the company? Almost every person with access to the internet knew what an MP3 was, but what was A.A.C.?

Instead of just taking a tiny piece of the pie and forcing MP3 users to convert over to A.A.C. formats, Jobs created an item that appealed to the masses. A unique, one of a kind item that completely took the entire music industry by storm. The ipod appealed to every single music lover because of the all the tiny details that went into making the item perfect, without forcing customers to conform to Apple only products and digital formats.

Besides the Ipod, another great compromise on the part of Jobs was his mouse. In earlier models (if you remember that far back) Jobs refused to put in a right click button on his mouse. Yet again Jobs compromised on this and allowed for the double finger click to act as a right click (PC).

I know I personally was one of the users completely frustrated with the early version of Macs when something as simple as selecting a click here button became a task in itself. On PCs you could click the click here button, use the right click button to select items, copy and paste, etc... But Jobs learned from his previous mistakes and continued to take over the marketplace.

Life after Steve Jobs
This is the hardest thing for many Apple users, and even some employees to accept. Life after Steve Jobs will be tough. This is not to say that the new executives in charge are not capable of handing the tasks, or that they aren't up to trying to fill the huge shoes left by Jobs.

The problem is that Jobs literally nailed every single product release he had during his second tenure with Apple. When the Ipod came out, it literally revolutionized the way the masses listened to music.

When the iphone came out, people literally had to pick their jaws up off the floor. Combining the groundbreaking ipod into a cell phone? Throw in a ton of apps and games that could be played at all times, just for kicks and giggles.

How can we talk about absolutely dominating product launches without mentioning the ipad? Bigger than your iphone or ipod, yet smaller than a laptop. Lightweight, and compact enough to fit into a purse.

What made the job Steve Jobs did even harder to replicate is the improvements to each new model. Increasing the hard drive space on ipods. Increasing the battery life and improving the processors in each new iphone model. Encouraging more and more apps to be developed for these platforms. Allowing your ipad to not only take photos, but record videos, so every soccer mom can now look cool while getting a little clip of their childs game.

Steve Jobs helped mold Apple into one of the most influential companies of the new millennium, and it is up to the new folks in charge to make sure it stays that way!