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How Deepak Chopra defines spiritual success (Part 2 of 8)

Success is obtainable on any scale, it just depends on how you perceive it.
Success is obtainable on any scale, it just depends on how you perceive it.
Photo: Danilo Rizzuti

A few weeks ago we were introduced to Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and learned that material wealth alone doesn’t make people successful. Success encompasses many other aspects all helping us to develop a good quality life. Chicago’s very own, Oprah Winfrey uses Chopra’s knowledge, by showcasing his advice on There he writes tidbits on self-realization matters ranging from pure consciousness, depression, spirituality and healthy aging.

But for our purposes, we will be concentrating on Deepak’s wisdom on spiritual success. As you may already know, there are many roads to success, and in order to fully understand them, learning some helpful tips from other successful people can help us to put it to work in our own lives. So let’s take a look at Chopra’s first law and learn some ways we may be able to tune into this law and put it to good use in our own lives.

Chopra’s first law to spiritual success is The Law of Pure Potentiality. If you consider yourself to be a creative person, than you can relate to what this law is all about. Chopra states that this law involves, “the expression from the unmanifest to the manifest” where “the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity remain.” Have you ever sat down to write a paper or begin a book and blankly stared at the word document or piece of paper in front of you? The possibilities are endless, right? But where do you start? Or maybe your blank page is a canvas or a dinner plate that needs to be filled.

To go about approaching these blank spaces, we have to embark on the creative choices before us and plan out strategies to fill them. What shall we put onto the canvas, pieces of paper or add to the pot in order to cook dinner for our families? By participating in these processes, you have begun to understand how Deepak’s first law works. Next, think about what might be missing from your own life. Is it in the form of a career change, having a mate or starting up a new business? Think about all the possibilities. So what’s stopping you?

It’s been a few years since the The Secret came out and talked about how our thoughts can create the personal realities we live in. Chopra’s first law has a lot to do with this philosophy. And whether you realize the process you embark on when you create things in your life or not, you are doing so with the help of this spiritual law. Ultimately, you are in control of creating what best suits you not only creatively but in your own life too. We come up with goals, and set out to achieve them. Whether big or small, we do this each and every day. And when we feel that changes need to be made, we take the time to think about where we would like to be and what it looks like to us.

So take some time to reflect on where you may want to make some changes in your own life and take note of where you may be stuck or unable to move forward. Maybe you are already a very successful person. If so, can you see how you utilize this law in your life through your daily personal and business decisions? Are you able to achieve the things you desire with ease? If you are having some trouble identifying your road to success or feel stuck, you are not alone. Many feel the same way. A good solution to that problem is to hire a life coach. There are plenty of professional coaches available who can work with you to offer ways to get around your roadblocks.

Patricia Baron Schreiber runs The Spirited Path in the south suburbs of Chicago and offers Personal Life, Core Energy and Small Business Coaching, to name a few. And Chicago-native, Mindie Kniss is just a phone call away, offering virtual workshops and conference calls through Kniss Coaching. All on helping you become the best version of yourself. You can also Google life coaching on the worldwide web to find an entire directory of professionals helping others to help themselves.

In the next few weeks we will explore Chopra’s next law and how it can help you on your spiritual path to success. To learn more about Deepak Chopra’s book, navigate to his website here. You can order a copy of his book from his website or through Check out the companion DVD trailer to his book as well, available on Youtube.

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